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Roberta Griffith A Retrospective

A celebration of over 50 years of ceramics, painting, drawing and ceramic installation at The Yager Museum, Oneonta, NY. Insightful essays about the artist and her art by Barbara A. Perry, Glen Brown, Katharine Kreisher, and a dialogue with the artist by Hank Stahler.
Softcover, English, 12" x 8.5", 160 pp., 180 color ill., 2002.
ISBN: 0-972242-0-6, Price: $39.95

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A Retrospective


Roberta Griffith Installations 1988-1998

Explore 10 years of amazing contemporary ceramic and mixed media installations, which examine and inspire reflection on Japanese folktales, Shinto shines, Dotaku bells and Zen gardens. In addition, enjoy a site-specific use of adobe bricks, as well as floating ceramic disks.
Softcover, English and Spanish, 8" x 8", 144 pp., 18 color ill., 1999.
ISBN: 0-9722424-1-4, Price: $19.95

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Roberta Griffith: The Artist Within

A 26:40 minute video about the evolution of the artist. Her life and her artwork in ceramics, painting, drawing, and installation, as well as various sources of inspiration are examined with an insight that provides a vision and voice worthy of our undivided attention. Produced and directed by Emmy Award Winning filmmaker, Joseph Stillman, La Paloma Films, 2003.

VHS - ISBN: 0-9722424-2-2, Price: $24.95

DVD - ISBN: 0-9722424-3-0, Price: $29.95

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